Jane King (nee Camp)

circa 1885 circa 1909
circa 1885 circa 1909


Father: Arthur Camp
Mother: Emma Camp (nee Ayres)
Born: 1865
Hamstead, Middlesex, England
Married: Charles King
Vancouver, B.C.
Fanny Margaret King b. April 15th, 1907
d. December 2nd, 1991
Victoria, B.C.
Victoria, B.C.
Died: April 19th, 1910
15 Stanley Ave.
Victoria, B.C.
Buried: Date Unknown
Ross Bay Cemetary




Alfred Camp, Jane Camp, Arthur Camp. circa 1885
Alfred, Jane, and Arthur (Jr.) Camp circa 1885
Charles King and Jane King (nee Camp) circa 1905
Jane and Charles King circa 1905
Fanny Margaret King and Jane King (nee Camp) circa 1909
Fanny Margaret King and Jane King circa 1909
Grave of Jane King April 14th, 2002
Ross Bay Cemetery April 14th, 2002

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