Francis Bogle


Father: Joseph Bogle
Mother: Mary Bogle (nee Forster)
Born: 1835
County Tyrone, North Ireland
Married: Catherine Blagdon
Date Unknown
Location Unknown
Joseph Bogle b. July 4th, 1870
d. January 18th, 1961
Caledonia, Ontario
Carlisle, Ontario
Charles N. Bogle b. July 19th, 1872
d. May 15th, 1960
Carlisle, Ontario
Hamilton, Ontario
John Francis Bogle b. May 27th, 1874
d. September 15th, 1964
Caledonia, Ontario
Flamborough, Ontario
Mary Ann Bogle b. February 3rd, 1876
d. 1977
Flamborough, Ontario
Location Unknown
George Bogle b. July 9th, 1877
d. December 9th, 1936
Flambourough, Ontario
Carlisle, Ontario
Sarah Jane Bogle b. February 9th, 1880
d. March 20th, 1977
Dundas, Ontario
Died: 1912
Carlisle, Ontario
Buried: Date Unknown
United Church Cemetery
Carisle, Ontario



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