John Dyment

circa 1870
circa 1870


Father: John Daymant
Mother: Sarah Daymant (nee Petherwick)
Baptised: August 2nd, 1801
Bradworthy, Devonshire, England
Married: Elizabeth Jones
April 24th, 1823
Location Unknown
John Dyment b. October 21st, 1827
d. September 16th, 1901
Bradworthy, Devonshire, England
Elizabeth Dyment bapt. 1828
d. 1924
Bradworthy, Devonshire, England
Napierville, Illinois, U.S.A.?
Sarah Dyment bapt. May 24th, 1829
d. 1890
Bradworthy, Devonshire, England
North Branch, Michigan, U.S.A.
Mary Anne Dyment bapt. October 24th, 1830
d. 1912
Bradworthy, Devonshire, England
Lynden, Ontario
Nathaniel Dyment bapt. February 12th, 1832
d. 1906
Bradworthy, Devonshire, England
Barrie, Ontario
William Dyment b. 1835
d. 1914
near Lynden, Ontario
Hamilton, Ontario
Eliza Dyment b. 1837
d. 1910
near Lynden, Ontario
near Lynden, Ontario
Charles Dyment b. 1839
d. Date Unknown
near Lynden, Ontario
Location Unknown
Peter Dyment b. 1840
d. 1922
near Lynden, Ontario
Dundas, Ontario
Henry Dyment b. 1842
d. 1929
near Lynden, Ontario
Jerseyville, Ontario
Eleanor Dyment b. 1843
d. 1887
near Lynden, Ontario
Location Unknown
Thomas Dyment b. 1847
d. May 6th, 1906
near Lynden, Ontario
Beverley Township, Ontario
Phillip H. Dyment b. circa 1847
d. Age: 70+ years
near Lynden, Ontario
Iowa, USA
Died: 1878
Lynden, Ontario
Buried: Date Unknown
Dyment Cemetary
Lynden, Ontario



Life Story 1

John Dyment was born in Devonshire, England in 1801. In 1823, he married Elizabeth Jones, who was three years his junior. They remained in England to have their first five children, and then emigrated to Canada around 1833. The family travelled with John's brother Humphrey and his family, who were also emigrating. The sailng time to Canada was six weeks. Humphrey and his family decided to settle on Prince Edward Island. John and his family, the children aged between one and seven years, continued travelling to the township on Ancaster in Upper Canada (now known as Ontario). They were forced to walk the last 40 miles through the forest, as there was no clear path to their parcel of land (Lot 22, Concession One, Township of Ancaster, near the village of Lynden). They cleared the land for farming, and were successful farmers. They had eight more children on the farm, 13 in all. They were pleased with their new home and lives, and often encouraged their relatives in England to emigrate to Canada. They continued living on the farm until 1874, when they moved to Lynden. John died in 1878 at age 77 after a long and successful life.


John Dyment circa 1870


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